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Cooking with dry white wine

In the vineyards of Bordeaux, as everywhere else in France, it seems easier to accompany a meal with a red wine than with a white one.

For a week now, Les Amis des vins de la Brède have been proving that cooking with dry white wine is just as easy as with red wine! 

In order to prepare your week's menu, let's take a look at their recipe ideas for cooking with or accompanied by dry white wine.

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AOP Graves, where and what is it ?

The region of Graves begins in the north of Bordeaux and ends shortly after Langon. The Garonne river borders it to the east, while to the west it is bordered by the immense pine forest of the Landes.

The vineyard of Graves is often called the "cradle of wines of Bordeaux". Indeed, its history dates back to the 1st century AD when Burdigala (the name of Bordeaux in Gallo-Roman times) was founded.

The appellation of Graves is the only terroir of Bordeaux to bear the name of its soil. This terroir is composed of gravel and pebbles rolled by the waters of the Garonne and deposited on a subsoil of clay, sand and limestone.

The dry white wines produced in the appellation are elegant and fleshy. Made with Semillon graves, they develop notes of wax and honey. Blended with Sauvignon Blanc graves in a fruity, fresh and lively style, these wines bring out citrus aromas sometimes accompanied by exotic notes.

The Maison des vins de Graves, located in Podensac, helps you to understand all the notions of this geological region, which is so atypical. And to understand more precisely the work of the winegrowers who cultivate this land, there is nothing like a visit and tasting at the property

5 recipes for your pleasure


It's the beginning of the week, the weather is nice and we are relaxed...
It's an ideal day to treat yourself. And to start this menu off right, a lovely recipe for salmon terrine. Fresh salmon, smoked salmon, there's something for everyone. A little bit of chives and that's it!


For this second day of the week, let's keep it simple but effective... Succulent winegrower potatoes. Cooked in white wine and sprinkled with a few herbs, it's ready in thirty minutes!


Wednesday, the day of the children... So what! There's nothing to stop us preparing a small rillette of sardines to enjoy on the balconies or terraces before our restaurants reopen. 


And why don't we declare Thursday the official day of vegetables? It's certainly nice to eat a nice rib steak, but these aubergine and courgette rolls with prawns are just as good. Doubt it? Try it!


It's the time we've all been waiting for... the weekend! To make the most of these two days of idleness, let the fishmonger near you do the work and order the right seafood platter

Accompanied by a dry white Graves wine, the tasting will be all the better.

Enjoy your meal!

Meet the winemakers

Les Amis des vins de La Brède is an association of winegrowers who have come together to promote their production. Since April 24th and until May 10th, they are promoting their white wines during the operation "Discovery of dry white Graves".

They are the lucky creators of these local recipes.

They have the little secrets to make these recipes easy to make! To discuss this with them and to find the right wine to match these dishes, they welcome you to the property in compliance with current government standards. 

Go to their wineries...

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