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Explora las tierras de montesquieu

Walks and hikes

Would you like to connect with nature for a weekend? Discover the walking and cycling trails in Montesquieu and its surroundings. A walk in the Migelane forest, a bike ride on the Scandibérique or a hike on the Graves trail, the choice is yours!

Four loops of nature walks on the outskirts of Bordeaux

How about a walk among the pine trees? Rendezvous in the Migelane forest, a 268-hectare sensitive natural area laid out for walks by the Gironde departmental council. This forested site, which is partly intended for wood production, has an exceptional natural heritage. Four hiking trails in the communes of Saucats, Martillac and La Brède allow you to discover the forest on wide tracks or dirt roads.

A small loop of 1.4 km remains accessible to all with a ground adapted to pushchairs and wheelchairs. This first course is adorned with a bridle wire with a guide cane and Braille teaching bollards. Three other circuits of forty minutes to two hours of walking overlap on this first loop: the forest walk (2.7 km), the geological walk (5.2 km) and the long walk (6.5 km).

These hikes are marked out and have documentary content. Along the trails, tables and interpretation terminals invite you to discover the biodiversity of the forest. Nearly 80 species of birds, 18 species of mammals as well as numerous amphibians and reptiles have found refuge in the Migelane forest.

A cycle route between Bordeaux, La Brède and Hostens

Cycle through Montesquieu and its surroundings along the sections of La Scandibérique. This European cycle route that links Trondheim (Norway) to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) crosses France on 1700 km of cycle routes. There are two routes in Montesquieu's territory: the first connects Bordeaux to La Brède and the second connects La Brède to Hostens in the southern Gironde.

From Bordeaux, a 10 km urban route, mostly on a secure cycle path, leads to Gradignan before reaching a more rural environment between streams, green spaces and Landes forest. This second section of 6 km is a shared route on the road to the village of La Brède.

Au départ de l’ancienne gare de La Brède, empruntez le tronçon « La Brède-Hostens ». Il suit une voie verte de 26 km en traversant la forêt de pins et plusieurs zones naturelles protégées. Le long du chemin, découvrez autrement le vignoble des Graves, la forêt des landes girondines et la rivière du Gât Mort à Cabanac-et-Villagrains.

Green walks or mountain bike rides

The Graves route is an itinerary open to walkers and mountain bikers and includes three marked circuits. It crosses five communes: Canéjan, Léognac, Gradignan, Cestas and Pessac.

It presents nature trails alternating between cycle tracks, municipal roads and rural paths. Practicable all year round, the Graves route is easy to access.

Take the blue Graves trail for a 20 km walk in the heart of nature between Canéjan, Léognan and Gradignan. During this walk, don't miss out on the must-see sites:

- The blue lake in Léognan and the green lake in Canéjan.

- The Eau Bourde valley in Canéjan and Léognan

- The Rouillac Mill in Canéjan


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