Petite fille à vélo sur un sentier de prairie
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Bike rides

When we want to discover the areas around us, what could be better than a bike ride to see the landscape while getting up to speed? On the cycle tracks or on the local paths, come and see where your rides will take you...

La Scandibérique

A cycle route between Bordeaux, La Brède and Hostens

Cycle through the lands of Montesquieu and its surroundings along the sections of the Eurovelo 3, called in France "La Scandibérique". This European cycle route that links Trondheim (Norway) to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) crosses France on 1700 km of cycle routes. There are two routes in Montesquieu's territory: the first connects Bordeaux to La Brède and the second connects La Brède to Hostens in the southern Gironde.

From Bordeaux, a 10 km urban route, mostly on a secure cycle path, leads to Gradignan before reaching a more rural environment between streams, green spaces and Landes forest. This second section of 6 km is a shared route on the road to the village of La Brède.

Starting from the old station of La Brède, take the section "La Brède-Hostens". It follows a 26 km greenway through the pine forest and several protected natural areas. Along the way, discover the Graves vineyards, the Gironde moorland forest and the Gât Mort river in Cabanac-et-Villagrains.

The Graves Trail

Green walks or mountain bike rides

The Graves route is an itinerary open to walkers and mountain bikers and includes three marked circuits. It crosses five communes: Canéjan, Léognac, Gradignan, Cestas and Pessac.

It presents nature trails alternating between cycle tracks, municipal roads and rural paths. Practicable all year round, the Graves route is easy to access.

Take the blue Graves trail for a 20 km walk in the heart of nature between Canéjan, Léognan and Gradignan. During this walk, don't miss out on the must-see sites:

- The blue lake in Léognan and the green lake in Canéjan.

- The Eau Bourde valley in Canéjan and Léognan

- The Rouillac Mill in Canéjan


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